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About us

Spijkstaal = electric mobility!

Spijkstaal is an independent Dutch company with representations in the Netherlands and abroad. Spijkstaal supplies a wide range of transport solutions suitable for many different sectors. We are ready to optimise all your organisation's sustainable logistic needs.

You're looking for a perfect match between needs and possibilities? Our experienced sales department is willing to assist you with calculating the exact costs and also with the environmental benefits for your company. Our well-educated engineers translate your requests to innovative solutions with use of state-of-the-art technologies.

Production and service
Our modern and flexible production facility in Hoogvliet (Rotterdam) enables us to quickly and effectively respond to market demands. As a result of in-house production and short reporting lines within the organisation, Spijkstaal's construction methods are efficient and the products of high-quality. Our production methods include many disciplines: machining, welding, painting, assembly and electrical installation.

In the Netherlands our service department can professionally, proficiently and quickly maintain your vehicle on-site or off-site. This gives you access to safe, affordable and optimally operating vehicles at all times. Abroad these services are offered through our representations and service partners.

Spijkstaal's strength is its in-house development, production and assembly of vehicles, in combination with the exclusive distribution of products developed by its strategic partners. This ensures that we always have a suitable solution for your transportation needs.

Electric Spijkstaal vehicles can be used in many sectors. Our customers operate in the following sectors: floriculture, healthcare, aviation, recreation, local governance and car manufacturing. 

Spijkstaal = electric mobility