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Rental Fleet/ leases

In order to serve our customers even better, Spijkstaal offers a rental fleet. It often happens that customers, due to a temporary rush, need an additional vehicle to meet all requirements. For them, it is a great advantage to temporary hire a vehicle instead of having to purchase additional vehicles. A rental vehicle can also provide a solution when a vehicle breaks down and is temporarily out of order, as a rental vehicle from Spijkstaal will ensure that work can continue.

Short - and longterm leases
​Spijkstaal offers vehicles for both short and long term leases . Of course, the daily rate will become less when vehicles are leased for a longer rental period. Spijkstaal offers different types of electric tractors and platform trucks.

Spijkstaal has a modern rental fleet which ensures efficient work through its latest technologies. Naturally, leases includes full service, which means that there are no additional costs for maintenance and repairs.

Spijkstaal = electric mobility