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Tow tractors & Burden carriers

Spijkstaal's electric tow tractors have a towing capacity of 1 to 30 tons, good ergonomics, suitable motor capacity, ample battery capacity, braking capacity and stability. The electric burden carriers are available in different sizes and vehicle load capacities.
As a result of our modular assembly different motors and several parts can be transferred, which allows to adjust the Spijkstaal vehicle according to your specific needs concerning the speed and tractive power. The range of the vehicles depends on the battery capacity. We offer several high-quality batteries.

Tow tractors: towing capacity
Type 301 1000/1500 KG
Type 304 4000 KG
Type 306 6000 KG
Type 308 8000 KG
Type 310 10000 KG
Type 425 25000/30000 KG

Burden carriers: load capacity

Type 800 600/800 KG
Type 1000 830/965 KG
Type 1200 1200 KG
Type 2000 2000 KG
Type 2500 2500 KG

For more information and/or personal advice, please contact us by phone on +31 (0)181-45 70 30.

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