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Logo Peinemann

Design Philosophy

Spijkstaal endeavours to offer its customers the best and most economic appliances to their logistic challenges. Thanks to our capacity and our organisational structure we are able to tailor the vehicles to your needs. We provide you with knowledgeable advice as together we decide what the best solution for your specific demand is.

Cost price
The price of a product is relevant, but the total operating costs per hour or per month are even more important. And so is the cost price per transported load-unit. Especially a low cost price per cart, per ton or per unit would be beneficial. The performance, capacity, lifespan, maintenance costs and costs of repair in case of damage all play a role. Of course Spijkstaal is happy to guide you through these considerations.

Safety & ergonomics
The vehicles have to be safe and comfortable. A Spijkstaal vehicle can be recognised by its long wheel base and a low centre of gravity. Almost every model is entirely suspended for optimal traction, roadability and comfort. Powerful brakes add to the safety. Often it's not the motor, but the braking system that sets the eventual capacity.

The effort a driver makes is decisive for the efficacy of your logistic system. High comfort and conducive driving properties ensure that the driver doesn't get tired and enjoys his job, enabling him to function with ease.

It is important to know that Spijkstaal vehicles are assembled from modular components. The vehicles contain low-maintenance motorisation technologies. Many of the used components can be sourced affordably anywhere. Different Spijkstaal vehicles often contain the same components. This is of great advantage for stock keeping of spare parts and saves you money.

Replacing batteries
From time to time the battery has to be charged or replaced. Spijkstaal offers in certain models the option to either replace the battery horizontally or vertically. This can be done safely and quickly. 

Spijkstaal = electric mobility