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Special vehicles

Spijkstaal can offer you several clean and sustainable passenger transport solutions with capacities of 6 to 23 passengers, with varying speeds, ranges and comfort levels. Ideal for regional and city transport.

All models have been developed together with (inter)national partners. In most cases Spijkstaal has supplied the chassis, battery and actuation systems. Most of these vehicles are equipped with modern Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries because of their low weight and high performance, reliability and long lifespan.

Spijkstaal supplies the electric buses Ecobus Zeus, applications GRT and PRT and the Spijkstaal minibus (also suitable for wheelchair transport). More information and specifications can be found under the specific types in the menu.

For more information and/or personal advice, please contact us by phone on 0181-45 70 30 or fill in a contact form.

Spijkstaal = electric mobility