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Gerrit Neuteboom was the son of a village blacksmith. He produced steel rings for horse carriages and put shoes on horses' hooves. He hated it, so in 1938 he started his own firm opposite the village church in Spijkenisse. He refurbished farm wagons and traded tires, wheels and axles. 

Before World War II Neuteboom already produced his own product: agricultural wagons made of steel instead of wood.  Strong agricultural wagons that could transport heavy loads and be pulled by tractors. That was revolutionary. The brand Spijkstaal was born: a combination of the location and the material used.

Electric milk trucks, mobile supermarkets and many related products followed the agricultural wagons. Later it became clear that the electric drive was ideal for use inside large buildings: no exhaust fumes, little noise and great reliability. Many internal transport related products were manufactured. They were sold in the Netherlands and abroad.

Spijkstaal = electric mobility