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Step tractor model 301

The Spijkstaal step tractor model 301 is particularly suitable for towing light loads for short distances and on flat floors. With this kind of transport the driver leaves the cabin continuously. It has become clear that using a seatless tractor with a low step is much more efficient and less tiring for the driver. The 301 is valued for its extreme manoeuvrability, perfect ergonomics, fast acceleration, compact size and low weight.

Technical specifications:

Electric tow tractor: Type 301 Type 301L
Towing capacity: 1,000 kg 1,500 kg
Max. speed: 13 km/h (adjustable) 13 km/h (adjustable)
Length: 1095 mm 1270 mm
Width: 750 mm 750 mm
Height: 1315 mm 1225 mm
Max battery: 24 Volt, 345 Ah. 24 Volt, 345 Ah.
Motor: Asynchronous AC Motor Asynchronous AC Motor

The models can be equipped with a battery replacement system.

These tractors are being used in the following sectors:

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