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Advice & Service

Ergonomic advice
Electric vehicles have distinctive properties. As employer you are required to offer your employees decent working conditions. Spijkstaal often is asked about among others safety, environmental concerns, seatbelt requirements, battery-charging facilities, vehicle insurances and driving license requirements. We are happy to answer your questions.

Logistic advice
Spijkstaal developed mathematical models enabling us to inform you exactly about the logistic costs. Not only the purchasing price of the tractor or the operational costs per month set the eventual logistic costs. It depends on a variety of factors: the functionality of the vehicle and its weight-bearing components, performance, battery capacity, maintenance costs and your labour costs. An optimal combination of all these cost aspects set the eventual price. A few cents saved on moving a cart from A to B often leads to surprising reductions in the pay-out time of a new solution.

Technical advice
Spijkstaal's employees have unmatched knowledge and experience. As a manufacturer of vehicles we also have a great understanding of engineering and the properties of constructions, components and systems. We can assist you with our knowledge as we look for solutions for particular requests. This includes special connective systems, exceptional carts or the possibilities of electric towing under particular circumstances. We have the capacity to analyse, calculate, design and offer exactly what you want. Our technicians look forward to assist you with making your logistic processes better and more efficient.

Service & maintenance
As you purchase your new Spijkstaal vehicle, you're assured that it complies with the prevailing legal safety requirements. It is reliable and will surpass your expectations. In order to keep using your vehicle with pleasure, regular maintenance is required.

Spijkstaal offers different maintenance programmes, tailored to your maintenance needs. The easiest way is to sign an inspection and maintenance agreement. Depending on your usage, your vehicle is inspected at least twice a year. Moreover you receive a discount on spare parts and receive assistance within 48 hours in case of defect. Of course we could also provide you with maintenance postpaid on request. In that case we do not offer discounts on spare parts or a 48-hour service.

Our service mechanics will assist you quickly with their entirely furnished service bus. They offer service quickly and appropriately. Where possible they solve the problem immediately. Spijkstaal offers a fixed tariff throughout the Netherlands, ensuring that you won't encounter any unpleasant surprises.

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